Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pure Ice - Private Show

Hello everyone! 
I recently went to walmart and of course everytime I go anywhere and I know they sell Nail Polish, I HAVE TO SEE WHAT THEY HAVE! So naturally I went to check it out and I was surprised to see a beautiful display (in the middle of the aisle none the less) of Pure Ice! I looked around and saw many colors that looked dupish to the ones I already have until I saw this beauty, Private Show :

Private Show is a black base with blue, purple, red and silver micro glitters. Application was three coats and it made my camera freak out a bit because of the glam factor of the glitters. I love how smooth application is with pure ice, but of course removal was as expected with so much glitter : terrible. I think it's 10 times as worse to remove glitter from acrylics because the glitter seems to stick more to the acrylic, no matter how much I file.

I wanted to see how Shimmer Nail Polish - Elsa looked as a simple tape mani over this as this was the result :

It's a very subtle look unless it's in a certain shadow and it kind of reminded me of a super glittery tuxedo minus the buttons and bow tie. 

Here is a bit of a blurrier picture to show all of the glitzy glitter bomb :

Elsa is the first Shimmer Nail Polish that I bought and I have to say, I love it! There are so many amazing colors to choose from and I definitely need to think of some nail art to play around with this one.
You can find Shimmer Polish here on Etsy.

Love from Leesha's Lacquer

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