Thursday, January 29, 2015

Guest Post at Toxid-Lotus!

Hey everybun!
Miss me yesterday?
Have no fear, something awesome is here!
I have a guest post HERE at Luna's Blog - Toxid-Lotus, for you all to view.
Here's a preview, but you'll have to visit Luna's Blog to see it all!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Leesha's Lacquer - 2/3 Polishes from the Valentines Day Trio

Hey everybunny!

So, my Birthday was this past Saturday, and I knew my nails had to be special for my special day. 
What a better way to celebrate than with 2 out of 3 of my new polishes from my Valentines Day Trio!

Here is a first look at Sweet Passion and Cupid's Arrow.

Cupid's Arrow is a fiery red holo with tons of sparkle. 
Cupid's Arrow is a Sparkly crelly with red, gold and pink glitters with a dash of holo.

I reached full opacity for both polishes in only two coats!
I don't mean to toot my own horn, but this crelly is absolutely to DIE for. It has the perfect amount of glitter, reaches full opacity in only two coats and has the perfect amount of depth.

I can't wait for these polishes to be released, Pre-Orders for the full trio are open now and you can find the listing HERE!

See you all soon with a something special!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Finds - Week of 1/23

Hey, everybun!
Another week, another Friday Finds. Let's dive right in and see what I have to show you all this week!

Image Credit: ME! This is my picture!
I am a frequenter of Reddit, specifically the IMAM subreddit and I was very intrigued to read what other peoples opinions of what qualifies and Indie brand, as indie were. This discussion is still ongoing, so have a look in and throw in your two cents if you'd like!

Your Best Nail Art Color Combinations!
Image Credit: Nail It Mag
As a lover of nail art, these color combos that take a fresh look at colors that you wouldn't expect to look good is a goldmine! I love how the color combos are chosen by real readers, and I know for a fact that ya'll will be seeing some of these combos on the blog real soon!

Image of Valentine's Day Trio - Preorder
Image Credit : Native War Paints

Preorder is now going on for Native War Paints Valentines trio! I LURVED these polishes when I first saw them on instagram, they're so fun! You can scoop these up for $22.50 at preorder price!

Image Credit: ME! I took dat screenshot

Indie Boulevard, a new website, aims to compile a HUGE list of all of the indie beauty shops. You can add and look at swatches from many brands! I can't wait to see how this site grows.

See you all next week for more Friday Finds!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Leesha's Lacquer Happy 21st Birthday GIVEAWAY!

Hey everybun! 
Today kicks off the Giveaway portion of my super week of fun for my 21st birthday, which is on Jan.24th. I also have a sale going on right now in my shop where if you use the code HAPPY21 you can get 21% off!
So here it goes, get those entries in!
(Open internationally, Ends 1/26)

Leesha's Lacquer - Welcome to the Freakshow

Hello there, everybun and Happy Monday!
I sort of copped out and took the lazy route today, since all I have for you is a swatch of one of my polishes from The American Horror Story Inspired Collection.
I figured, hey, I need a swatch pic for my shop AND something for my Monday post, so why not kill two polishes with one glitter? I totally made that up, and IT MAKES SENSE...

On to the swatches, shall we?

This is two coats over OPI - Cement the Deal
 There are so many different types of glitter in this polish. If I were to have to guess, I would say there are over 50 types of glitters in various shapes and sizes. This polish was inspired by the latest season of American Horror Story, Freakshow and is thus called Welcome to the Freakshow.
You can find this polish right HERE in my shop, in full size or in mini!

Thanks for stopping by, everybun!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Finds - Week of 1/16

Hello everybun!
I am back! I hope you all very much enjoyed my lovely guest posts and guest posters! I love vacation time, since it gives others the opportunity to share their blogs here. This year, as you can see we had everything from polish to indie make up and more!
So let's get to it. I have some bunderful Friday Finds (which I haven't done in a while!) but I should see you all Monday with some nail art to get back into the groove. Thank you all so much for sticking around!

Golden globes 2015 best dressed
Image Credit: So Nailicious

So I DID manage to watch the golden globes, and lately I've been obsessed with nail art inspired by fashion, so what better to find this kick ass article of fashion turned nail art from the Golden Globes. Check out the link about to see the styles and you better believe I'm gonna try one of these!

Image Credit: Dirty Pig Facebook Page

So at the beginning of last year, I did a reviewish type thing of Dirty Pig Bath and Beauty. I was snooping around Facebook the other day and OMG how cute is this? Dirty Piglets! A line of bath care made just for little kids! Be sure to stay tuned to Dirty Pig's Facebook Page for more info!!

Yay! We're finally finished!
Image Credit : Alchimia Apothecary

I nearly died and went to heaven when I saw this album for these Alchimia Apothecary Chocolate Body Butter Truffles. Honestly. Have you ever seen anything like it?! These will be available as an exclusive just for Valentines Day. Be sure to stalk, ahem, I mean check out their website HERE and check out all the latest announcements on these babies and more on the FB Page HERE.

4.  Ellagee Lickety Split

Post by ellagee.

Above is a post from the official ellagee FB page announcing Lickety Split. What is Lickety Split you may ask? I'm sure many of you have heard of the crazy expensive Liquid Palisade that is supposed to help for water marbling and just generally terrible polish applying technique, right? Well this is ellagee's crazy afforable version of it! At $3.50 a pop for 15mL you CANNOT go wrong here! Oh yeah, AND IT RELEASES TODAY! RUUUUN!

So these were my Friday Finds this week. Anything YOU guys have found?

*Note: I give image credit and always link to all blog authors and/or persons whom the photo's above belong to. If you wish for me to remove your image, feel free to shoot me an email which can be found in my contact info above. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Guest Post #6 - TryAllTheColors - CoCo Pink Review

Hello, hello! Hopefully everyone’s holidays have been fun!  For my guest post today we will be looking at Cocoa Pink.  I have another order coming in and will be reviewing more products from it on my blog but I have a mix of things to look at with you today!

Macintosh HD:Users:KatelyndMarchant:Desktop:Blog:Cocoa Pink:Exhchange Gift:P1010682.JPG
This was my first experience with Cocoa Pink and I received these items as part of an exchange done in the subreddit IndieMakeupandMore! I had debated ordering from this company before but the high shipping for international customers was a major deterrent.

This exchange gift included:

Sample sized Underarm Candy Deodorant
Linen Spray
Sample size Argan Therapy Cream
Sample of Ends with Argan Benefits
Junket Crème Conditioner, sample and full size
Voluptuous Body Butter
Perfume Spray
3 samples of perfume oil

The order arrived packed in a large bubble mailer with lots of extra room but not extra cushioning.  This explains why some of the Ends with Benefits leaked as it must have been rolling around. The bright side was that this package smelled amazing!
Macintosh HD:Users:KatelyndMarchant:Desktop:Blog:Cocoa Pink:Exhchange Gift:P1010683.JPG
I received both a sample and a full size of this conditioner! I got the scents: Cinderella’s Carriage and Midnight Hag.

Store description: Cinderella’s Carriage – What did Cinderella really wish for? We think it was this blend of Coconut Cream Pie with Marshmallow Meringue, Sweet Pumpkin, Spiritueuse Double Vanilla, and Vanilla Bean Noel. We think this is the REAL reason the prince fell in love, who could resist Cinderella in sexy foodie?

Personal description: This is a lovely, rich warm vanilla scent with a hint of sweet pumpkin.  I really love this and if I make an order I will be ordering other products with this scent!

Store description: Midnight Hag - Tart Blackberries, Vanilla Bean Noel, and a splash of Spiritueuse Double Vanilla.

Personal description: This is tart and sweet black berries almost verging on artificial and warmed by vanilla.  Not my favorite personally.

Macintosh HD:Users:KatelyndMarchant:Desktop:Blog:Cocoa Pink:Exhchange Gift:P1010684.JPG
The store description for this conditioner is:
CocoaPink's Junket Creme conditioner is made of hair loving fruit and nut butters, vitamins and nutrients that leave your hair light, bouncy and soft. Made without silicones, this conditioner is a thick buttery treatment that will leave your hair soft and bouncy without weighing it down. It is tough enough for thick curly hair, and light enough for fine hair. Made with rich oils and glycerin rich Manuka Honey, this will soften and nurture your skin as you rinse the conditioner down your body instead of leaving you with back acne from silicone based hair products! Stop rinsing your hair with cyclomethicones and silicone rinses! Hydrate and Renew dead lifeless hair with fresh butters and oils. Your hair will love you for it.  Fall in love with your hair.

Personal review: I went through a bit of silicone withdrawal when I switched to this conditioner but if you stick to it, eventually your hair gets used to it and it works.  Initially my hair looked limp and heavy but after a few washes it gained some of its volume back. I did find that my hair never got as shiny as it did with my normal commercial conditioner; it was very soft but it lacked the luster I got from by Pantene.  The scents were nice but they didn’t stick around for very long.  I also found that this had a weird texture: it felt like it was shearing away from larger chunks when you scooped it out of the container if that makes any sense. Not a bad texture but not what I expected! Overall this is a nice product but not something I will buy in the future.

Macintosh HD:Users:KatelyndMarchant:Desktop:Blog:Cocoa Pink:Exhchange Gift:P1010686.JPG

Linen Spray:

Store description: Cake on Mondays - delicious sponge cake made with almond extract, vanilla.

Personal description: this is a light and very sweet scent.  The almond is almost overpowering sweetened by the vanilla.  The cake is there but only very lightly.

Product description: This is a great little bottle of fragrant fun! Use it on your linens, use it as a room atmospheric spray, use it as a hair or body mist. It can be used for just about anywhere you need a burst of fragrance.

This is an interesting product that seems to be able to be used for just about anything.  It is essentially a fabric safe perfume.  The scent lingers for about 30 minutes to half an hour before dissipating. It is a nice product to put in your bathroom for guests or to spray around the room for a little pick me up.

Ends with Argan Benefits:

Store description: Full Moon - Blackberry, Coconut Milk, Marshmallows, White Chocolate.and a hint of cinnamon, then slathered in cream cheese buttercream frosting.  May cause irritation due to the spice notes.

Personal description: I do not like this stores blackberry note.  It is sweet and almost artificial but is mellowed out a little bit by the coconut and cinnamon. The cream cheese and the blackberry compete for the center note with the marshmallow and chocolate rounding out the scent.  It was nice but not really my cup of tea.

Product description: This extraordinary lightweight, detangling leave-in conditioning spray is infused with a wide array of hair and skin loving plant extracts blended carefully with premium exotic oils that will not only eliminate tangles and knots but also leaves your locks looking healthy, shiny and bouncy without weighing you down. This incredible product doubles as an excellent on the go lightweight moisturizing mist.

This spray worked very well as a detangler and left my hair feeling soft.  I still don’t get the shine I normally get with my usual conditioner but my hair loved the extra moisture.  I took this product to use after work (lifeguard/swim instructor) as my hair does seem healthier when I use it after being in the pool.

Macintosh HD:Users:KatelyndMarchant:Desktop:Blog:Cocoa Pink:Exhchange Gift:P1010685.JPG

Princess Poo Shampoo:
Store description: Apple Noel - Apple blended with our best-selling vanilla bean noel.  

Personal description: Tart and sweet with warm, yummy vanilla.  I could eat this!

Product Description: Princess Poo is loaded with botanical extracts and natural surfactants, that clean without stripping the hair.  Princess Poo is a SLS, paraben-free shampoo made with "non-stinky" biodegradable natural surfactants (cleansers). This wonderful shampoo will not strip the hair, but still provides light lather and a clean-rinse feel.

This shampoo does clean my hair and leaves it soft and light.  The scent is lovely and it rinses clean.  My hair is left feeling clean without feeling squeaky and stripped.  You do need to get used to the light lather as it feels like you need more shampoo in order to clean all your hair (at least if you have thick, long hair like I do).  This is a simple adjustment from heavy lather shampoos which make less shampoo feel like it is doing more.

Argan Therapy Cream:
My Argan Therapy Cream came in the Cinderella’s Carriage scent which you can find a description of under the Junket Conditioner.

Product description: Introducing our new lightweight, whipped conditioning creme' - infused with coveted Argan oil and luscious coconut oils which combine to penetrate deeply into each strand of hair leaving your locks feeling perfectly moisturized with incredible silkiness and shine yet never weighed down or greasy. Our special multitasking formula can also double as an ultra nourishing leave in conditioner for the ultimate softness and shine.

This conditioner is light and creamy, and easy to work through your hair.  It leaves my hair feeling soft and silky! I have found that rinsing it out after a long-term treatment leaves my hair feeling light and looking shinier than if I leave it in.  This can work as a hair treatment or a leave in conditioner.
Macintosh HD:Users:KatelyndMarchant:Desktop:Blog:Cocoa Pink:Exhchange Gift:P1010687.JPG
Voluptuous Body Butter:

Store description: Pumpkin Pie Spectacular—Sweet Pumpkin blended with gingersnaps, pecans, cinnamon and a sprinkling of sugar.  It is spectacular!

Personal description: Spicy and sweet, the pumpkin mingles with the snap of the gingersnap, the cinnamon is there just lightly and doesn’t over power the scent (as it often can).  The sugar adds a lightness to an otherwise heavy scent.  
Macintosh HD:Users:KatelyndMarchant:Desktop:Blog:Cocoa Pink:Exhchange Gift:P1010688.JPG

This cream is thick! It looks like thick, sweet icing and I found it hard to resist taking a nibble especially with the scent!

Macintosh HD:Users:KatelyndMarchant:Desktop:Blog:Cocoa Pink:Exhchange Gift:P1010689.JPG

This cream soaked in fast and left my skin feeling soft and dewy.  It is a heavier cream but my winter 
skin soaks it up and rejoices in the moisture!  There is no film left on my skin and the scent sticks around for about 3-4 hours before fading away.

Macintosh HD:Users:KatelyndMarchant:Desktop:Blog:Cocoa Pink:Exhchange Gift:P1010690.JPG

Store description: Ivory Eyelet - Buttercream, lemon curd, marshmallow, vanilla ice cream.

Personal description: This is a delicious scent and I want it in perfume form! It is sweet and light.  The lemon doesn’t really come through but the butter cream, marshmallow and vanilla swirl together in a delicious mix.  This is soft and feminine, good enough to eat.Macintosh HD:Users:KatelyndMarchant:Desktop:Blog:Cocoa Pink:Exhchange Gift:P1010691.JPG Product description: A gelled skin nourishing deodorant infused with botanical extracts that neutralize the enzymes that cause odor. Free of aluminum or bactericides that have been a concern with long-term use.

I really like this deodorant, it is light smelling and has staying power.  You can’t expect this to work like a traditional deodorant as it has no aluminum or bactericides.  I find that it does help with sweating and definitely helps with scent.  It feels like a typical gel deodorant when applied although it is stiffer, just a bit sticky.  This is on my list for a full size in the future!
Macintosh HD:Users:KatelyndMarchant:Desktop:Blog:Cocoa Pink:Exhchange Gift:P1010692.JPGStore description: Banana Coconut Cloud Pie: Harajuku Bananas, Coconut Cream Pie, Coconut Milk, Marshmallow Sugar, Vanilla Pudding, and crushed Vanilla Wafers for the crust.

Personal description: Sweet.  That’s pretty much all I get. I can pick out a bit of banana but the rest of the notes mingle together in a generally sweet scent.  It’s nice but nothing particularly special. This only lasted about an hour before disappearing and throw was very limited.

Store description: Coconut Cream Pie - Rich buttery vanilla, a hint of marshmallow, and white coconut baked on a flaky pie crust.

Personal description: White, floral coconut and light vanilla.  This is much more floral than I expected.  I don’t get any pie crust or marshmallow unfortunately. This only lasted an hour on my skin but it was a nice light scent.

Store description: Marshmallow Pumpkin - Sweet pumpkin blended with our wonderfully light and airy marshmallow.

Personal description: This is yummy! The marshmallow is sweet and warm, almost vanilla, and the pumpkin adds depth to the scent.  This one lasts much longer, sticking around for about 4 hours before dissipating.

Store description: Tahitian Monoi Cake - Vanilla cake batter injected with candied citrus, moist white cake smothered in whipped buttercream icing touched with nuances of Polynesian Monoi oil.

Personal description: Again, I am not getting the sweetness that the description led me to expect.  This is a light scent with a hint of citrus and lots of floral.  The cake and buttercream don’t come through for me but it is a nice scent nonetheless.  This lasted 2 hours.

Overall this shop has some nice products.  The range of what they offer is extensive and as far as I can tell the products are of good quality.  The scent list is huge and a little bit overwhelming but I found that the scents I was able to try were quite pleasant.  My one qualm with this shop is the quality of their packaging.  The containers for the products are nice but the labels are all paper resulting in them lifting or peeling off.  For the bath products this is particularly annoying as the colors run and the label lifts off.  

Other than the packaging the products are nice and this is a company I would recommend trying out


Thank you so much for this wonderful post! And everybun be sure to follow her blog HERE

Monday, January 5, 2015

Guest Post #5 - Slime Princess Crusader, Be Mine!

Hello! My name is Luna, I run and this is a guest post! =D 
Miss Lady was looking for some people to do guest posts and I volunteered. This is actually my very first guest post, so I decided to do something simple. A look! I used a beautiful gold and green from Femme Fatale Cosmetics. I tried to capture the pure shiny amazingness of it, but my camera wasn't cooperating. D= You get to practically see my brain as I try to capture it. XD I hope you enjoy! Thank you for letting me guest post! 

Mizon Snail Recovery Repair Gel Cream
 Etude House Correct & Care CC Cream No. 1 Silky 
My Pretty Zombie Dr. Pickles Miraculous Beauty Dust Mint 

My Pretty Zombie Drugs Like Me Blush MDMA – blush
My Pretty Zombie Drugs Like Me Blush LSD 
Pumpkin & Poppy Lady of Light – highlight 

Sugarpill Cosmetics ChromaLust Smitten 
Sugarpill Cosmetics Tako 
Sugarpill Cosmetics 2am 

NYX Cosmetics Eye Shadow Base Skin Tone 
Darling Girl Cosmetics Glitter Glue 
Femme Fatale Cosmetics Slime Princess – all over lid & lower lashline 
Femme Fatale Cosmetics Crusader – middle of upper & lower lashline 
Femme Fatale Cosmetics Be Mine! – lower lashline 
Milani Cosmetics Eye Shadow Shock – inner corner & outer corner
Sugarpill Cosmetics Tako – brow highlight 
Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Retro Glam mascara Black 

Heng Fang Balm Lipstick #54


Thank you so much, Luna! I'm honored to have you're gorgeous face gracing my blog!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Guest Post #4 - A Girl and her chicken named Betty - Winter Wonderland Nail Art

Hello Lovelies!

I'm Alexandria from over at A girl and her chicken named Betty, and I'm delighted to be guesting for Leesha today! I love wearing mints and pastel blues in my winter designs, so I whipped up this sugar coated mani. I started off with a gradient of blues and purples, my base is NYC In A New York Color Minute Robin's Egg Blue and then I used three purples for the gradient. I also added a thin coat of EN-VY Funny Bunny, it's a super sheer white shimmer and it smoothed the whole gradient very nicely.

The trees were done with white acrylic paint and a thin detail brush, I painted the tree outlines a bit roughly to make them look like they're frosted with icing :) Then I just finished it off with some topcoat!

Thank you Leesha for having me today, and I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

And thank YOU Alexandria, for this beautiful winter wonderland!
Everybun be sure to check out A Girl and her Chicken named Betty on Facebook and follow her blog HERE!