Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Finds - Week of 1/23

Hey, everybun!
Another week, another Friday Finds. Let's dive right in and see what I have to show you all this week!

Image Credit: ME! This is my picture!
I am a frequenter of Reddit, specifically the IMAM subreddit and I was very intrigued to read what other peoples opinions of what qualifies and Indie brand, as indie were. This discussion is still ongoing, so have a look in and throw in your two cents if you'd like!

Your Best Nail Art Color Combinations!
Image Credit: Nail It Mag
As a lover of nail art, these color combos that take a fresh look at colors that you wouldn't expect to look good is a goldmine! I love how the color combos are chosen by real readers, and I know for a fact that ya'll will be seeing some of these combos on the blog real soon!

Image of Valentine's Day Trio - Preorder
Image Credit : Native War Paints

Preorder is now going on for Native War Paints Valentines trio! I LURVED these polishes when I first saw them on instagram, they're so fun! You can scoop these up for $22.50 at preorder price!

Image Credit: ME! I took dat screenshot

Indie Boulevard, a new website, aims to compile a HUGE list of all of the indie beauty shops. You can add and look at swatches from many brands! I can't wait to see how this site grows.

See you all next week for more Friday Finds!

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  1. Great Friday finds! I really love that shot of your polishes too.