Monday, January 19, 2015

Leesha's Lacquer - Welcome to the Freakshow

Hello there, everybun and Happy Monday!
I sort of copped out and took the lazy route today, since all I have for you is a swatch of one of my polishes from The American Horror Story Inspired Collection.
I figured, hey, I need a swatch pic for my shop AND something for my Monday post, so why not kill two polishes with one glitter? I totally made that up, and IT MAKES SENSE...

On to the swatches, shall we?

This is two coats over OPI - Cement the Deal
 There are so many different types of glitter in this polish. If I were to have to guess, I would say there are over 50 types of glitters in various shapes and sizes. This polish was inspired by the latest season of American Horror Story, Freakshow and is thus called Welcome to the Freakshow.
You can find this polish right HERE in my shop, in full size or in mini!

Thanks for stopping by, everybun!