Friday, May 23, 2014

Quotesome the Turtle - Nailpolis Nail Art Contest

Hello turtle lovers and non-turtle lovers alike.
I hope you're in the "turtle lovers" demographic of today because I have some cute turtle nail art to showcase for you all!
So, I've been a part of this website called Nailpolis since it first started and I've minutely contributed to it towards the beginning and slowly stopped posting (because I'm forgetful, oops!). I got an email about it being world turtle day TODAY! So first off HAPPY TURTLE DAY!
Second, Enjoy your daily dose of turtle goodness!

They're running a contest for this turtle, called Quotesome the Turtle who you can find HERE on instagram. This is my entry, which suffered some Seche smearing but otherwise turned out A-Okay!
From pointer to pinky, each turtle was inspired by an image on Quotesome's Instagram. They are as follows:





So there you have it! Isn't Quotesome adorable?! 
LOVE that turtle!


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

China Glaze - Man Hunt Swatch and Review

Hello lovely ladies and gents!
What a day to present to you such an awesome, bright and summery polish! Yesterday it was in the 80's here in the lovely MN.
I'm tired of sweater weather! It's been time for a change to sunny, and boy do I have a polish that will lighten your day up like the sun!

Meet, the lovely, the stunning : China Glaze, Man Hunt!!

Give her a round of applause!
In one thick coat (or two thin), whatever your preference may be, it was such an easy and smooth polish to work with. I opted for 1 thicker coat and, surprise! No top coat! 
I was shocked at the amount of shine in this little bottle.
Shiny color, shiny coat. Shiny, shiny, shine!

Boy, she sure is a beaut! 

What summer colors are YOU all lookin' to wear? 
I know I'll be sport in' this as long as I can!

Monday, May 19, 2014

China Glaze - Put a Bow on it Swatch and Review

Happy Monday, everybun!
I am, once again, so freakin' happy to be here. It's like a whole new world has been opened up to me once again!
Are you all as excited as I am to feast your eyes on this pretty little swatchy of China Glaze, that has been staring me in the eye, sitting and waiting on the shelf behind my toilet day in and day out. Finally, just the other day as I was taking a bath and doing my acrylics (yeah, okay, it might not be a good idea to do that with the water and acrylic powder and all. But I'm very Pro..sort of..Okay, I'm smart enough to not flail around and get chemicals everywhere!), I look up and realize, hot damn, I forgot to grab some polish! Guess who was staring me straight in the eye? This little pretty! :

I actually wasn't even sure if she was a full coverage glitter, I just put her on, prayed, and 3 coats later we were golden! In the picture is 3 days of wear, which you can see a bit on the tips but other than that I had no issues with formula etc. She was a bit gritty and matte-ish but all was fixed with a nice helping of Seche Vite.
Put a Bow on it is one of those in your face glitters than caused me to have PLS (Polish Looking Syndrome). You know when you have a color on, and it's so pretty, you keep sneaking glances at it in different lights whenever you can? PLS! As in PLS get me some more of this polish..*generic laugh track*
Really folks, I'm here ALL NIGHT!

Terrible jokes aside, I have found a true winner in this glittery glory, 5/5 would recommend to a friend!

Saturday, May 17, 2014


Hey everybun!
Exciting news!
I have a Swap/Sale currently going on right..

I have over 50 polishes up for grabs so come check it all out!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Look what the CAT dragged in!

I'm back!
Can you tell I'm excited? BECAUSE I AM! It sucked to look longingly at the blog, knowing that it was on hold but I was so super busy! Now that college is over for the semester and I don't have to worry about anything til next semester, which is fall, I have my shop and my blog to keep me company.
So on to the mani!
I have been LOVING my new nail shape and figured I'd incorporate it into my first design back and this is what I came up with.

I used Salon Perfect in Fired Up Fuchsia and Bermuda Baby which were my first experiences with Salon Perfect. I LOVED the formula. Can you believe this is only 2 coats and on some nails it was opaque in just one coat?! Not to mention dat satin finish, tho! I loved the finishes so much I didn't even add top coat. The black was done with an I heart nail art pen by Sally Hansen in Black.Which, by the way, almost caused me to flip a table and punch a large mammal, because halfway through the ol' nail art process it began to goop up like nobodies business. I gave it a little shake, cursed, and added some thinning drops. Whether it was the cursing or the thinning drops (the world may never know) I was able to persevere, and finish the design on my right hand, albeit a bit sloppier a la my middle finger.

Over all, everything turned out super fantastical and awesome and I wore this design for a week..Not because I really REALLY liked it but to be honest, I was just really, really lazy and the design turned out decent enough to show off to the world.

So ladies and the occasional fabulous male, how have your nail art adventures been? Anything cool or different happen lately?
See you all Monday, loves!