Monday, July 1, 2013

Ellagee - Trust Me, I'm The Doctor

Hello everybunny!

Happy Monday and Happy 1st of July!

Today I have another polish from Ellagee and her Science Fiction Double Feature collection. You can find my other review here of Get Away From Her, You Bitch! which is from the same collection.

*Trust Me, I'm The Doctor is most obviously inspired by Dr.Who. Now I know the Whovians will LOVE this polish because it truly does remind me of the Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey stuff that encompasses the Dr. Who fandom.
I myself have never seen Dr. Who, but as you can see I'm quite aware of the (quite scary) Whovians who follow Dr. Who and his ventures.
You can see the Oh-fish-al description of Trust Me, I'm The Doctor here.

This is a lovely multichrome that shifts from black to purple to green and ALSO has tiny red, purple, black and silver holo glitters. So now I'll shut up for a few seconds so you can bathe in the beautiful multichrome goodiness.

This was another smooth like butter polish that was beautiful to work with. I used 1 coat of Sinful Colors - Black on Black as a base and 1 coat of Trust Me, I'm the Doctor all topped off with a coat of Seche.
TMITD is actually pretty sheer on its first coat which is why I used an undie but it is definitely buildable. I didn't build it here because since this is a mini and the collection isn't going to be released until early July (this month!), It is much wiser to use one nice thin coat than 3 or 4 thick ones, dontcha think?

This was also actually really shiny and smooth without top coat, but of course top coat is recommended along with basecoat to prolong the wear of your mani.

Isn't the color shift gorgeous? This is one of those polishes that I just cannot for the life of me stop staring at! 

You can find Ellagee polishes HERE!

And look out for my final review on Wednesday of Ellagee's polishes!

*This polish was sent to me to review in exchange for my honest opinion.


  1. Its a nice color! I love the color shift to it :)

    1. This may possibly be my first color shift! I like moving my hands around really quick and saying ITS GREEN, ITS PURPLE, ITS GREEN, ITS BLACK! Albeit I look a bit insane...But its fun nonetheless!

  2. Thanks hon! Looks great, I'm glad you're enjoying it <3

    1. And thank YoU for letting me review your polishes!

  3. Hey, we're not scary! We just love the Doctor ;)
    And also this polish, lovely =)

    1. But I feel like whovians would crush me with a phone booth if I even mentioned any other fandom being better than there's or if I even said Ehh, I don't really like dr- and before I could finish my sentence BAM I'd be crushed!
      Nah I'm sure you're all as lovely as the doctor is himself! (Not to mention he's pretty freakin adorable!)