Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ellagee - Get Away from Her, you Bitch!

Ohmygoodness gracious hello Everybun!
Happy Sunday Bunday!

I am back, yes! I actually have a really bunderful polish for you all today from Laura, who is the wonderful creator of Ellagee. She sent me a lovely little bag of goodies to review, have a looky loo below..

As you can see I was sent three polishes to review and because these are all so very pretty I would like to dedicate a post for each polish!

And here is a closer look at the 3 polishes. Today we will, as the title suggests, be looking at *Get away from her, you bitch!

Get away from her, you bitch!
was inspired by the Alien movie series. It's a gorgeous green sheer jelly that GLOWS IN THE DARK! Here is her offi-shal description of it.

Of  course this was the first one I had to try!

I paired this with my Elf - no name green. GAFHYB! darkened it a little, since of course it is a jelly with a lovely sheer green tint. I used 2 coats of GAFHYB! to build up the pretty sparkle it has to it. Dry time was quick and the formula was a breeze to work with. I've never seen a glow in the dark with shimmery particles in it and you know what those shimmery particles do?!

They create a shimmery glow in the dark! Is that even possible?! I absolutely LOVE this polish because not only is it pretty in the light, it's pretty in the dark!
AND since this is a jelly, you know how many COOL jelly sammiches you could do with this?!

This polish as well as the rest will be released in early July as a part of the Science Fiction Double feature collection.
You can find Ellagee polishes here 
She also has really cool nail polish rings as well as the newest trend of Thermal Polishes.
Ch-ch-check it out!

*This polish was sent to me to review in exchange for my honest opinion.


  1. Thanks Alicia! Great photos <3

  2. These look like great colors! That glow in the dark one is cool! Can't wait to see the swatches on the other two :)