Monday, June 3, 2013

Pow Wow Pow!

Hello everybun!
Ugh, I missed Sunday Bunday (make up pictures will be at the end of this post!) but again, I have a very good reason for it and I'll show you why!

That's right! My first Polish from the Native American Collection. Well, this is actually the second in the line but I really wanted to show you guys this one first!

Pow Wow Pow is a super packed rainbow explosion of color. There's literally almost every color of glitter I own in here. There's black, silver, ROYGBIV, it's all here! It's called pow wow pow because at Pow Wow's there is always so much color going on, sometimes it's overwhelming!

I used the dab method above to create this gradient and I used Sinful Colors - Secret Admirer as a base. Even though I created this, I was surprised with how much I got with each pulling up of the brush! So it is jam packed with glitter! On my swatch stick it took 2 coats for a decent opacity where the undercolor popped through (I used yellow) but the glitter didn't overpower it.

 I spent all of yesterday mixing glitters and filling the bottles with glitter. There are 5 polishes in this collection of 5 bottles each. 

Since there is a lot to write about the blogger sample sets that I'm going to be mixin and makin soon, I'll just make a separate blog post about that! 

So yeah, I was super busy yesterday making sure all the labels were cool and making sure all the glitter was correctly proportioned and MAN is my back sore from moving around all day!

So, Sunday Bunday on a Monday, here we go!

So this is how they're set up in the living room!


Harvey (In his box!)

Have a Bunderful Monday!

Love from Leesha's Lacquer
P.S Look forward to a review of a product I received from KKCenterhk on Wednesday! 


  1. Wow it is awesome! Great glitter :)

  2. Hehe I love your bunnies! (: That glitter looks really gorgeous too.