Saturday, June 1, 2013

Paprika and Harvey

Ohmybun everyone hello!

I must interrupt the regularly scheduled ER31DC to inform you of WHY I'm interupting the ER31DC!

Okay, so the story begins with me and The man going to the mall. We went and we were looking at all the Buns and puppies as we usually do. Ohmygoodness all of the poor bunnies there were shoved 3 to a cage and some of them were in the cages that birds were usually in. I saw this adorable little bunny being really adorable and I could NOT stop goo goo and ga gaing at her. I convinced The man that I HAD to have her and alas

Little Paprika came home with us! She's all situated. And you see those little bars for her cage? She can fit through them! Harvey has free hop of a huge space and I know damn well that since she is only 6 weeks old Its not wise to let her 1) have free hop space with him and 2) allow her too much space. I don't want to overwhelm her and I want her to get used to use first. Then I'll slowly introduce her.

She loves nose rubs and laying in her litter box as well as eating hay and she ACTUALLY likes being held!

So I have to situate this little girl first before I can accomplish nail things! Meanwhile, I'll post an unposted when I can!

Have a bunderful day!

Love from Leesha's Lacquer

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