Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Butter London - Fiver Swatch and Review

Hello all,

Today I have my first Butter London polish to show you! I got it from a blog sale (which I'm a complete sucker for!) that happened a while back and now I finally got around to swatching it.

The lovely, minty blue Fiver is a gorgeous creme dream. Application was butter smooth (aha, you see what I did there!). This was 3 thin coats, you could probably get away with 2 thicker ones.
This baby is all topped off with a shiny coat of seche.

So now I see what all of the hype about Butter London is! I love, love loved this polish and I'm so for hunting online for more!

Also as I looked online for more swatches and I see that Fiver looks generally much blue-r for others, but in my swatches it looks much paler. Its odd because this is really true to color in the picture and now I'm sitting here stumped, staring at my pretty minty nails wondering why some swatches are super blue and some a super pale! I guess that's what we get with different lighting and different screen resolutions!


  1. Great mint color! Its so light that it almost looks white to me.

    1. It really does almost look white! It's the next day and I'm STILL staring at these babies! sooooo pretty!