Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Born Pretty Store - Pastel Mermaid Review!

*Products provided to me in exchange for my honest review

Hey there everybun!
I have the most interesting little decals for you today. I accidentally somehow messed up this pastel mani I had going on, so what better to fix it up than with some glitter? And what better to fix up the smudge on my accent nail than with some accent mermaids?!

Polishes Used:
Leesha's Lacquer - Fairy Dust for the Glitter
Markers with rubbing alcohol for the pastel over White

My happy little accident ACTUALLY turned into something happy. Three cheers for inventiveness!
The Mermaid decal thingys are from Born Pretty and I'm not sure what to call them, since they're not sticky and are made of a really thin bendable metal. On one side it is shiny gold and on the other it's matte bronze, which you can see in the photo below.

I had a hard time getting these babies to lay down flat, so they DO snag a little bit on the corners (which this mermaid has a lot of. Curvy women ftw!). Aside from that, I absolutely loved how these jazzed up my pastel fck up!

You can grab a pack of these for $2.79 for a 30 piece set HERE. There are also 8 other styles to choose from!

Be sure to use my unique code : ZCG10
for 10% off your total purchase.
Thanks Born Pretty!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Woohoo! - Here's what I've been up to!

Hey there everybun!

Here's a little update letting you know that I'm still here! 

So here's a pic to let you all know what I've been working on since about the first week of February.

The biggest Leesha's Lacquer order EVER! I made over 40 OOAKs as well as some bigger batches of some best sellers.

It was the biggest batch, and largest amount of polish I've ever had to make at once. It took me a couple of weeks, labeling, mixing, getting tools and everything else. It was also a ton of work, considering I didn't have my usual helper cousin who comes over sometimes just to assemble bottles or label them.
All in all, it was a great success. 
You may be asking, WHY NO NAIL POSTS? COULDN'T YOU HAVE DONE YOUR NAILS AT LEAST?!?! Well, the thing is, I DID have my nails done, but if you've ever mixed nail polish, you will know that a mani can go south real quick. Working with nail polish every day meant having some spills and messiness that seemed to specifically target my nails. I swear I never had a single colored mani since glitter loved to jump out of the bottle and spatter my nails.

At least, I was met with this beauty half way through:

I was a part of an Indie makers exchange box and got tons of beautiful samples that will be making the rounds on the blog very soon! Support indie makers, everybun!

So overall, yes, I have been working on nail stuff very hard, just not nail stuff worthy of blogging!
I have a couple of manis planned that should be making their rounds on the blog very soon. Thank you so much everybun!

Monday, February 16, 2015

BinChic's Boutique's - St. Val's Heart

Hey there, everybun!
Oh man, has this weekend been crazy. I wasn't able to do my nails all last week, since I've been making huge batches of polish and I'm an absolute terror when it comes to NOT getting suspension base all over the damn place. My nails always somehow find a way to get covered in polish it shouldn't!
I WAS, however, able to quickly coat on BinChic's St.Val's Heart quickly before I had to jet out the door for Valentine's Day, so lucky me!
This is St. Val's Heart

I had the oddest issue, and being a nail polish maker I think I figured out what it was. When you apply this polish, odd dark grainy granules appear and make the polish really gritty. I used two coats of top coat and it was still a little gritty, but manageable. What I think went on, was that the pigment did not fully dissolve in the base. I have this problem frequently with my neon and bright pigments, but there is an easy fix that I will definitely pass along to BinChic!

I used two coats plus two coats of top coat. Application, despite the graininess was beautiful and I've had this on my nails ever since the weekend. I only have a bit of tip wear, but acrylics don't tend to chip or wear anyway, so I can't say much for the wear time.

You can find St. Val's Heart HERE
BinChic is 5- free, hailing from Camrose, Canada. 
You can find The Trickster for $4.95 for Mini's and $7.42 for full size.

Find BinChic on FB
and at their Etsy Shop

Monday, February 9, 2015

BinChic's Boutique's Thermal - The Trickster Swatch

Hey everybun!

I have a little update HERE regarding where I've been lately.
On that note, I have a new to me indie brand that has sent me four lovely polishes to test and review. Each polish will have its own post because they're just so beautiful!

Here is the first of four polishes called The Trickster.

In it's transmission from green to orange. In the sunlight, I actually think it looks more yellow!

The Trickster is an Orange to Green thermal polish that is Orange when cold and Green when warm. I used two thicker coats without top coat.

In the Warm state

In the Cold state!

I really love this polish as it was my first thermal and I was a little afraid that it wouldn't work on my acrylics, but SURPRISE! It did! 

BinChic is 5- free, hailing from Camrose, Canada. 
You can find The Trickster for $4.95 for Mini's and $7.42 for full size.

Find BinChic on FB
and at their Etsy Shop

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Superbowl 2015 - Seattle Seahawks Nail Art

Happy Superbowl day, everybun!
I'm sure many of you are currently celebrating with tons of good food, and for those of you who are not, that's cool too!

Every year on my blog I provide some type of Superbowl nail art and this year is no different!
You can see my other two designs here.

Now for this years installment:

I kept with the theme of the past two years, with the field, football and logo.

I hope everybun has a safe and fun Superbowl, and may the best team win (So far I'm 0/2 in picking the winning team!)