Friday, May 3, 2013

Polyvore - Nail Art Inspiration

Nail Art inspiration

I made this set to showcase my nail art on Polyvore! I couldn't find the nail polishes I used though, so I just chose the equivalent in OPI.

So the cat's out of the bag! Yes, I'm a frequent user of polyvore as you see, I'm not sure why or how I started but now I'm addicted!


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    1. Thanks! I wasn't sure if I should post this or not and then I decided, why not! It DOES involve my nails after all!

  2. Love the collage you made and the manicure is so pretty;)
    You have a new follower ;) I also have a blog about nails and stuff, would you like maybe to follow back?

    1. Thank you! And of course I'll follow back! Your blog is really pretty! Woo! Makeup! One of the things I love so much, yet suck at putting on!