Monday, May 6, 2013

Using Elmer's Glue as a Base Coat - The easiest way to remove glitter!

Do you, like many other unfortunate souls, love glitter but HATE the removal or just plain hate removing nail polish in general?

Well I know that Essence has their own Peel Off Base Coat, but I'm sure many of you have the cheaper alternatives sitting right in your own home!

The answer to all of your glitter removal disasters IS...Elmer's Glue! Or any other brand of runny glue that has approximately the same ingredients as Elmer's (which is pretty much every glue!).

Here are the things that you need for your very own DIY Peel Off Base Coat  :

Elmer's Glue, A Toothpick and A Brush to apply the glue to your nails!

Simple right?

What I did was I took one of the random brushes I had laying around, any one will do, the one I happened to find was a paint brush. I used that brush to paint a nice thick coat of elmers glue on each of my nails. I waited until the glue turned from white to clear and then painted my nails with the closest polish I had on hand!

Here is what my nails looked like directly after, there were a few bumps from the glue but I'm sure top coat would fix it. Isn't it ironic that I didn't use glitter for this tutorial?! 

Sick of your manicure? Time for removal!
Break out that toothpick and start picking away!

The polish should just start chipping away and you can easily peel it off once you get it started. As you can see on my ring finger the places where there wasn't glue didn't peel up, but it's nothing a little nail polish remover can't fix right up!

I wore this mani for 2 days before I started to get some tip wear, as seen on my pinky and middle finger. And as yuck as it may seem, here is what has become of the sad little polish strips. I'll save you the eyesore and allow the image to be at its smallest!                                                          
And that's it! That is how you remove any type of nail polish with a dash of elmer's glue as your base!

Next week I'll show you another way to remove nail polish with more house hold items that you probably have laying around.

Love from Leesha's Lacquer


  1. Looks like a great removal! I might try this out :)

    1. Oh yes! It is definitely easier than fighting with nail polish remover and cotton balls, I also hate when the glitter sticks to the cotton balls when you're removing it and then you get cotton fingers!