Sunday, May 5, 2013

Butterfly Bunday

Hello and Happy Cinco de Mayo as well as Sunday Bunday!
Regarding this mani. Have you ever had those days where you polish your nails and nothing is turning out right? This mani was the result of 3, yes 3, failed mani's and finally I was just like EFF IT *ANGRY SLATHERING OF NAIL POLISH* *ANGRY CREATION OF THE FIRST THING THAT POPS INTO MY HEAD* *ANGRY REMOVAL OF THE STUPID SWIRLY DESIGN* *ANGRY REPOLISH AND DESIGN OF THE NEXT THING THAT POPS INTO MY HEAD*

I'm not proud of it but it was all I could pull off in such angry circumstances!

Even as I put my blog watermark on it I thought to myself, Why bother, no one would wish to steal these anyway!

In a happier occasion, we shall all now view the wonderful, the furry, the I-tear-up-mommies-carpet-because-I'm-bored-even-though-I-have-at-least-twenty-toys, the one and only HARVEY!

Not to mention he enjoys tearing up his bed too! Exhibit A in the picture above.
BTW, he's licking his piggy in the bottom picture, he loves licking soft things like piggy and ducky and his bed!

Happy Cinco de Bunday!

Love from Leesha's Lacquer