Friday, May 17, 2013

Animal Nails Part 1

Hello all!

A few things before we get to todays post.
1) I'm sure no one noticed but I missed a post on wednesday! I was at a Twins game and I was unable to make a design that day. I got sunburned, it was hot and they lost!  
2) I know today is Stripes in the ER31DC, but for the life of me I did 3 different stripey designs and none of them turned out! So today's mani was inspired from frustration!
but it turned into cute frustration nonetheless!

The first one is a giraffe, the middle is an owl, the ring is a seal (MY FAVORITE ANIMAL!!!!!!!!!) and the pinky is an owl! Oh, and I didn't get a shot of my thumb but that little chicky is peeking out in the pictures below!

As you can see this was a homemade envelope that contained a postcard and was sent to me from the BunSpace spring postcard exchange! The Mommy of Benito, Charlie and DiDi made this card. This came allll the way from the Netherlands and I thought the card was absolutely adorable when I received it and immediately thought of doing nail art for it the minute it was in my hands!

As you can see there's lots of cute animals on each side of the envelope. On bunday I will post Part 2 of my animal nails because I cannot pass up doing more of these cuties. Of course I'll have to include a bunny in part 2 as well!

Have a wonderful friday and I'll be sure to post my stripeys when I get the courage to take a stab at them again. Maybe the ladies will have something that will inspire me! I will put the link for the challenge at the bottom anyways so you can check them out!

Love from Leesha's Lacquer

P.S Can you tell that my camera flopped out and died (I cannot find the charger for the life of me!) and I'm using my cell phone?
I'd say my phone does a pretty good job at mimicking my camera! Does that mean I have a Good quality phone or crappy quality camera..hmm.. 

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