Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mia Secret Crackle - White

Hi everybun!

Looking at these nails now, don't they remind you of tie dye? Or those tie dye fruit roll ups? Mmmm, I love fruit roll ups...

Underneath this Mia Secret Crackle in White, is actually a failed ikat design. I got angry with it and reached for the closest thing to cover this up, which turned out to be the Mia Secret! I had previous issues with other crackles I used NOT crackling enough and after a rough patch in my crackle relationship I decided out of exasperation to give it another go.

Somethin' musta worked right because look at the lovely little crackles this produced! Yeesh do all the layers of polish make my nails look thick though. This was actually the Julep - Abbie that I had on about a week ago. It took 4 coats for opacity so on top of the numerous other coats (failed ikat design, top coat, crackle, top coat) of course my nails looked faker than fake!

Oh well, the design is pretty anyway! 

Have a lovely Thursday and I'll see you all tomorrow with the ER31DC!

Love from Leesha's Lacquer


  1. Not a huge fan of crackle but your manicure is really fun :)

  2. I'm not either but that's because 1)it never really seems to crack for me and 2) I feel like its a cheap way out of doing nail art but still getting nail artsy-ish results!