Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Gradient

First of all, I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving if you're celebrating it and if you're not, have a Super Okay Thursday !
I did some pretty cool turkey nail art last year, but this year I got lazy and decided to just do a gradient because it's easiest. So here it is! It doesn't even bare a slight resemblance to anything thanksgiving related (unless you count cooking over a fire?), but it's all my lazy butt churned out!

In real life, the gradient looks much more smoothly transitioned, but here you can't even see the light orange that leads from the yellow to the darker orange.
Hopefully you all have a much prettier and more successful Thanksgiving mani and most of all, I hope you all pig out for me!

I will sadly be going to the early Black Friday sales that begin at 6, so imma have to stuff myself early.
Have a lovely Thanksgiving, ya'll!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

KKCenterhk Review - Rabbit Water Decals

*This product was sent to me for review

Hello everybun! I have a lovely product to review from KKCenterhk, once again! Today I have for you the item by the name of N.NAIL Forest Rabbit Bunny Deer Bambi Squirrel Hamster Apple . The title, however deceivingly long it is, is actually just super cute images of a bunch of rabbits, some deer, some squirrels and apples as well as mushrooms and coconuts? I think they're coconuts. But anyways, the images are all super cute.!
Here is what it looks like

This was my first time using water decals. I looked up a tutorial on YouTube. But for those of you who don't know, basically it goes down like this.
1) Cut out the image you want
2) Take the plastic off of the top (just like a temporary tattoo!)
3) Submerge the image you cut out fully in a container of water (I used a mini cup) for about 20 seconds
4) Take the image out of the water and use your thumb to slide it off
5) Press the image down onto your nail and well-ah!

I crinkled a few of these images and was happy to see that they smoothed out as long as I fixed them quickly
This is without top coat, as I wanted to see how long they would last. (I was also afraid that seche might ruin it, turns out it doesn't!) And they lasted a few hours of me cleaning, taking a bath and doing dishes, with minimal scratches.
 These are $2.56 plus shipping. I LOVED these as my first experience with water decals!

Click above to be taken to their site!

Use code : LeeshasLacquer 
for 10% off of your purchase!

Friday, November 22, 2013


Hey everybun! I have an AWESOME Black Friday giveaway for you all today.

You can win these polishes:
From left to right, Black Friday, Topaz and Show me the Money, Honey!

The rules are simple and as follows:

*This will be UNITED STATES ONLY please
*You must be 18+, or must have your parents permission
*Runs for 1 week, until 12am Black Friday (11/29/2013)

Get those entries in!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Floral Frenchies

Hello everybun! Tomorrow I have a very exciting Black Friday Giveaway that I'm super excited for WOO! But I'm also really excited because I just got a new desk and desk lamp and so now my lighting looks FABULOUS. I barely even had to adjust the lighting for this!
The colors are almost exactly what they look like in real life now!
Wooo , have a floral frenchie as a celebration!
Sinful Colors - Slate
Sinful Colors - Black on Black
Sinful Colors - Unicorn
Sinful Colors - Island Coral
I'm excited, are you all as excited as I am? :D

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Broken heart :(

Well, I don't have a broken heart, but my nails sure do. This mani is dedicated righty, pointer finger. Rest in pieces, wherever you are righty! This broken heart's for you!

I used a Migi nail art pen for the hearts
Zoya - Claudine as the base
I guess it's more of a broken, mosaic heart, but what evs. I also didn't want to COMPLETELY bring the mood down with my broken nail, so I added hearts on the other nails!

I suppose all is well, since I use acrylic, all I had to do was add an extension and re-sculpt, something most of you ladies unfortunately do not have the pleasure of doing when you get a break!

OO OO OO! Also, after I discovered my broken nail, I got this AWESOME review from Gnarly Gnails (all happiness was instantly restored!)
Check out her swatch of Song of the Seas ..

Be sure to check out the rest of her review here as well as an awesome coupon code just for her readers!
(I'm literally squeeing to see my polish on her nails! SQUEE!)

See you all soon. (I have a black friday deal up my sleeve that I think you all will love!)

Friday, November 15, 2013

Fall Stripes

Hey everyone! 
I have some cute Fall nail art for you today! I used the KKCenterhk striping brush for these which you can find my review here.

I used Julep - Chloe as the base
 The lighter gold is Wet n Wild - The Bronze Age
and the darker color is Wet n Wild - Rustic

This very much reminded me of zebra stripes, but I'm not sure if it's "stripey" enough to qualify!

See you all Monday with a beautiful sparkly polish that I'm sure you all will love!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

KKCenterhk Review - N.NAIL 15 Pieces Pink Handle Nail Art Nail Art Brush

Hello everyone!
I have a wonderful review for you today of a 15 set of nail art brushes from KKCenterhk!
You can find the brushes here with more information about them as well !

Here is the pretty little case that the brushes come in

And a closer shot..

Here they all are lined up all pretty!

3 Striper brushes

2 Fan Brushes

1 Dotting Tool

4 Flat  brushes

2 Angle Brushes

3 pointed brushes

And here is how I store them all!
Here's a design I used with the smallest striping brush

I love this brush set, there's a large variety of sizes and shapes and the bristles are really soft. I plan to make a few designs with these in the coming days and I'll post them and as well as adding them to this post so you can see the pretty designs these make!

The set is $13.50 plus shipping

Thank you KKCenterhk!

p.s, I also have some really cute water decals to review from here as well! Look out for that!

Use code: LeeshasLacquer
for 10% off your purchase!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Henna Inspired Nail Art

Ever since I did my henna a few months ago, I've REALLY wanted to do a henna nail art design!
Now, this one wasn't as I had planned and I wanted it to be much more intricate, but here it is

Wet n Wild - Silvivor
Julep - Matte Top Coat
Migi nail art pen in Black

I still think it turned out pretty well though!
I've since took this off, and I'm on a two day streak of not wearing polish and it's getting pretty depressing. BUT, I have been pouring my time in making some blogger sets, making sure that everything is mixed and the minis match up to the full sizes, which means I have some new polishes coming out that I hope ya'll will lurve.

See you all soon!

Friday, November 8, 2013

$10 Polish Duos!

Hey everyone!
I've just added something new that I thought you guys might like to the shop

Click here to be taken to the shop!!

Nail polish duos!

There is also this listing :
Click here to be taken to this listing!

I'm looking to get rid of some one of a kinds, so buy up!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Light em' up, up, up. I'm On FIIAH!

Man I LOVE that song, it was an inspiration for these babies..

Yes, that is right! I'm throwin' some fire nail art your way!

I've been LOVING my migi nail art pens that I just bought at the state fair this year, so of course I was just messing around and used them for these nails. My nails look SO PINK in these pictures and I have no idea why..I just added a fresh coat of acrylic so that may be the culprit..
Anywho, I've done a crap ton of nail art this past week so prepare yourselves for some nail art over load!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fall - Blue and Gold!

Empty promises, I know! I said last week I'd be posting but BOOP. I had my craft sale Saturday so WORK WAS DONE! All week last week I did last minute things.

Here's a shot from the craft show in case any one's wondering/think I'm lyin'

Me on the left and Tiana on the Right!

Fun was had and money was made! I felt bad for the people beside us that were selling bath fizzes/ plates. They only made one sale :(

But anyways, here are some much needed nail arts. I have so much new nail polish since I've last blogged it's not even funny! This is one of them..

This would be American Apparel - Passport Blue with an unnamed Elf polish and a glitter that I made.
 This blue is SUCH A BEAUTIFUL BLUE. I bought a lot of American Apparel polishes a while ago and just got around to swatching them now and OH MY GOODNESS ARE THEY SOOOO SMOOTH! Smooth and gorgeous. 
I'll be back with more nail arts, and this time I double, triple promise!