Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fall - Blue and Gold!

Empty promises, I know! I said last week I'd be posting but BOOP. I had my craft sale Saturday so WORK WAS DONE! All week last week I did last minute things.

Here's a shot from the craft show in case any one's wondering/think I'm lyin'

Me on the left and Tiana on the Right!

Fun was had and money was made! I felt bad for the people beside us that were selling bath fizzes/ plates. They only made one sale :(

But anyways, here are some much needed nail arts. I have so much new nail polish since I've last blogged it's not even funny! This is one of them..

This would be American Apparel - Passport Blue with an unnamed Elf polish and a glitter that I made.
 This blue is SUCH A BEAUTIFUL BLUE. I bought a lot of American Apparel polishes a while ago and just got around to swatching them now and OH MY GOODNESS ARE THEY SOOOO SMOOTH! Smooth and gorgeous. 
I'll be back with more nail arts, and this time I double, triple promise!


  1. Looks like a fun craft show! But poor bath fizz people :(
    I love the nail art -- the combination of blue and gold looks so regal!

  2. It was, but I was soooo tired because I was to amped to sleep the night before! I felt really bad for the bath fizz people, but they had a weird set up where not only were they selling cupcake bath fizzes (which they set out on plates so people kept asking if they were edible), they were selling these glass plates that they made AS well as selling some hand knit hats.