Thursday, November 7, 2013

Light em' up, up, up. I'm On FIIAH!

Man I LOVE that song, it was an inspiration for these babies..

Yes, that is right! I'm throwin' some fire nail art your way!

I've been LOVING my migi nail art pens that I just bought at the state fair this year, so of course I was just messing around and used them for these nails. My nails look SO PINK in these pictures and I have no idea why..I just added a fresh coat of acrylic so that may be the culprit..
Anywho, I've done a crap ton of nail art this past week so prepare yourselves for some nail art over load!


  1. Keep the nail art coming. My teen loves it!

  2. I love this song too! Your nails look great - just like real fire flames! :)

  3. Love this fire look! Very cool. :)

  4. This song is my JAM! And thank you!

  5. Woo! I'll definitely keep it coming. I love me my nail arts!