Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Broken heart :(

Well, I don't have a broken heart, but my nails sure do. This mani is dedicated righty, pointer finger. Rest in pieces, wherever you are righty! This broken heart's for you!

I used a Migi nail art pen for the hearts
Zoya - Claudine as the base
I guess it's more of a broken, mosaic heart, but what evs. I also didn't want to COMPLETELY bring the mood down with my broken nail, so I added hearts on the other nails!

I suppose all is well, since I use acrylic, all I had to do was add an extension and re-sculpt, something most of you ladies unfortunately do not have the pleasure of doing when you get a break!

OO OO OO! Also, after I discovered my broken nail, I got this AWESOME review from Gnarly Gnails (all happiness was instantly restored!)
Check out her swatch of Song of the Seas ..

Be sure to check out the rest of her review here as well as an awesome coupon code just for her readers!
(I'm literally squeeing to see my polish on her nails! SQUEE!)

See you all soon. (I have a black friday deal up my sleeve that I think you all will love!)

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