Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spring One-Stroke Flower Nail Art

Happy Spring Everybun!
Spring has sprung (since Friday, it's officially been spring in fact!) even though those 3 inches of snow we got sure isn't making it feel springy.
Alas, my nails have never let me down to portray the mood (and weather) that I want!

I used two coats of Bluebonnet, from my spring collection and the rest is acrylic paint.

These definitely sprung up my mood and I'm really happy with the way that these turned out!

You can find my entire spring collection HERE on my etsy!
Thank you for stopping by everybun!


  1. Dude Bluebonnet is amazing. ^o^

  2. THANK YOU! Bluebonnet and Green Gladys are my favorite. Bluebonnet's got me like 😍

  3. It's seriously so pretty! I hope I can get some before it's gone. Seriously save me a bottle!

  4. I got you! I have plenty of stock so I'm positive that you'll get your hands on some!

  5. Oh good. It'll be about a month before I have the monies for it! =D

  6. I have a really hard time retiring polishes so not only with these still be in stock, so long as things are still going the way they are now they will be there!

  7. The one stroke flowers look awesome!