Monday, June 9, 2014

Essie - Fair Game Swatch and Review

Hey everybun!
I had a rare "let my nails breathe" couple of days this weekend hence the little break from posting. Alas, the acrylics are back and BEST OF ALL, NO MAJOR BREAKS WERE SUFFERED DURING MY BREAK!
I feel great with a fresh set of a acrylics to go, lemme show you what I got for you today.

Ooo, just LOOK at that shimmery goodness in the photo above.
Yes, may I introduce you all to Essie - Fair Game. 

 She was a lovely 2 coater with a great formula. I wore this for 3 days on both hands and although it was not a "I must stare at this all day", it was very pretty in certain lighting. Now I'm not sure if this is grey or blue, because it looks like a little of both. But the pretty shiny rainbow micro flecks that grace this lovely lacquer made me fall in love with it's subtlety.
I've yet to find an Essie that I DON"T love!

Happy Monday everybun!

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