Thursday, June 26, 2014

Meet Chameleon!

Hey everybun. I have a brand new Leesha's Lacquer polish to show you all today that surprised even me!

Chameleon, which was named after the mica I used to create it is quite a chameleon indeed! I've been wearing this for 3 days now and I've went from meh to ohmygoodnesswhatwaswrongwithmebefore!

Here it is, CHAMELEON!

With Flash

More pictures in different lighting when you click below!

Under artificial light

Under natural light

As you can see, in all 3 pictures above, chameleon shows a different color! In dim lighting it is a pearly bronze, under flash it's a bright bronze, under artificial it shows orange-ish and under natural it's a pretty little clay earthen bronze.
In certain lights you can see blue flecks and in others you see those beautiful holo bits.

This was 2 coats with top coat to bring out the holo/blue flecks. Dry time was super quick and no chips have been had as of this post.

I was very surprised with this polish and you can find it right here in my shop.

Thanks for stopping by!