Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Ice Cream and Cupcake Skittle Nail Art

Why hello there everybun. Happy Humpday!

I'm so proud with what I'm about to show you! It's so simple and so sweet!
Introducing, the sweet treat skittle!

Here it is in the shade...

...and here it is in the sun!

As you can see, the base color of the glitter on my middle finger changes from clear to light pink!

This was so much fun to make and I made it up on the spot. 
What do you all think? 
I used tons of different polishes so if you're wondering what any of them are, feel free to ask!

Heads up, I will be gone tomorrow through Sunday. I need to go back up north to finish stuff up regarding my aunts passing. I will hopefully see you all Monday if I'm not TOO tired!

Love you all and I'll see you again soon!

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