Monday, June 2, 2014

KKCenterHk Review - Baby Blue 2mm Circle Nail Art Decorations

*This product was sent to me for review in exchange for my honest opinion
Hey there lovely peoples of the internet! 
I know, I went missing again. But life is life, right? I have been recovering and recuperating from the terrible news last week that my favorite aunt had passed away. She lived 3 hours north from me and we were given super short notice. It was basically like I had to pack up immediately and leave, so I'm sorry to all for the lack of notice! I've just now had the energy to open up the ol' lappy and see what was chilling in my unposted folder since I haven't really been able to do my nails much this past week.
So here we are!
I had gotten these to review sometime during my hiatus and finally a couple of weeks ago was able to give them a proper go on the nails.

These pretty little blue diamonds, which you can find HERE, are absolutely gorgeous in person. My lighting turned out a little wonky but they have this really pretty rainbow-ish shimmer to them.

The only complaint I have with these is how tiny they are. It's not really so much that they're tiny, it's that SINCE they're tiny, they're super hard to pick up. I found that tweezers did absolutely nothing, maybe one of those wax sticks would have worked a little better. My polish had dried on my ring finger many times before I could get these on the nail fast enough.

I was able to put top coat over these without them looking all weird as well! I didn't on my ring finger, because after the hassle of putting these all on I said F#$% it and angrily grabbed my camera to get the pictures over with.

Seriously though, they're super pretty little diamonds that would be great for any nail art occasion, just expect a little extra time fiddling with these little guys.

Would recommend.

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  1. May your aunt RIP. Nice design you got using those nail art decorations. Its fun.

  2. Thank you Lisa!
    I made it up as I went along :D