Monday, June 30, 2014

Blue and Silver Skittle Nails

Hello there everybun!
This weekend has brought me a new nail shape, since I've gotten the following comments on my previous shape : "Scary!", "Eww!", "Why? Like actually. Why?" and my favorite "Did you do that on purpose?".
So here they are, slightly less pointy and hopefully less scary.

See more pictures and what colors I used when you click below!

Colors used: 
Essie - In The Cab-ana
Wet n Wild - Silvivor
Leesha's Lacquer - Desert Mirage

I hope they are more pleasing to everyone's eyes. I'm sure taking my contacts out will also be more pleasing to mine.

Also, I'm super hyped with how on point these pictures turned out today! Natural lighting? YAAAAS!

See you all Wednesday!


  1. This is a nice skittle! Love how the blue and silver look together too.

  2. Thanks Lisa!