Wednesday, June 18, 2014

KKCenterhk Review - 12 Pcs Peony Flower Transfers

*This product was sent to me for review in exchange for my honest opinion

Hey everybun! Long time no see!
I had to go up north this weekend, once again, to finish stuff that I wasn't able to do when I went to my aunts funeral. I hadn't had anything ready for posting Monday but here I am, on this lovely humpday to show you this lovely review of these lovely nail transfers. Ready? Here we go!

Here is how the package looks as well as the directions.

These are actually full nail water decals, NOT stickers. Which  means, they're not sticky at all. Unlike smaller water decals, these guys are a little bit harder to get on since they don't have any stick power. They slid around a bit, and were a bit hard to get in position. I figured out a trick where I dabbed a little top coat on the places that wouldn't stay down and it worked out pretty well.

As a warning, my seche DID shrink these a little bit around the edges, but not too noticeably.

Overall, even though they were a bit hard to get into place, the styles and designs that kkcenterhk offers makes it totally worth the fidgety-ness.

You can find this design here for only $3.70! If that's not your cup of tea, there's plenty more designs here.

Click HERE to be taken to their site!

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  1. Nice review on it. Its a pretty design on it but I'm not too huge of a fan of those full water nail decals. I like the smaller ones better.

  2. I definitely agree! The smaller ones are tons easier to use! But this was fun for a full accent nail every once in a while! I don't think I'd ever use the full set at once, it'd be too difficult!