Friday, June 20, 2014

Rainbow French Tips

Hey everybunny!
Happy Friday!

I, for whatever reason on Wednesday, decided it was an opportune time to do all of my nails. Now I usually don't do all of my nails because I usually only get to wear them all for a day or so before I have to take them off and do them again. I generally have mismatched nails because I hate to go bare so it's nail art and designs for the blog on the left, and whatever color I'm feeling on the right. But for these past few days? My nails have been a match made in nail polish heaven!

I just grabbed for cremes and I'm not certain what the colors were. I was hoping to finish the rainbow with purple but not all of my nails cooperated in line even-ness. 

These were soooo fun to make and to look at! I got so many compliments and basked in the glory when I told whoever complimented me that YES, I MADE THESE!
I'm so proud!

See you all Monday for some more polish fun!

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