Friday, April 3, 2015

Winter is Coming full collection swatches ! - Leesha's Lacquer

Hey everybun!
It's been a busy couple of weeks here, in prep for my Winter is Coming Collection! 
I have some special swatches for you all today, all done by me. Excuse the lack of posts, I've actually had naked nails for a little over a week! During busy Leesha's Lacquer periods, I tend to do my nails less since there's really no point in doing them if I'm just going to ruin them making nail polish!
Anyways, here are the swatches!

  Red Wedding - Two Coats

  Wild as Fire - Two Coats

  Icy Star - Two Coats

  Amethyst Killed the Bastard - Two thicker coats (three thin would work well)

Dragon Scale's - Two Coats

  Red Viper - Two Coats

  Mother of Dragons - Two Coats

  Winter is Coming - Two Coats

Excuse the quality, if there's any difference I can't really tell. I'm posting from my iPad, which is not ideal, but you do what you have to when you realize you haven't posted in almost a full couple of weeks and you're sitting on a slew of pics from your newest collection!

Pre-Order for my collection is open NOW and you can find my shop at the link (! The official release date is April 12th.

Thanks for stopping by everybun!

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