Monday, February 16, 2015

BinChic's Boutique's - St. Val's Heart

Hey there, everybun!
Oh man, has this weekend been crazy. I wasn't able to do my nails all last week, since I've been making huge batches of polish and I'm an absolute terror when it comes to NOT getting suspension base all over the damn place. My nails always somehow find a way to get covered in polish it shouldn't!
I WAS, however, able to quickly coat on BinChic's St.Val's Heart quickly before I had to jet out the door for Valentine's Day, so lucky me!
This is St. Val's Heart

I had the oddest issue, and being a nail polish maker I think I figured out what it was. When you apply this polish, odd dark grainy granules appear and make the polish really gritty. I used two coats of top coat and it was still a little gritty, but manageable. What I think went on, was that the pigment did not fully dissolve in the base. I have this problem frequently with my neon and bright pigments, but there is an easy fix that I will definitely pass along to BinChic!

I used two coats plus two coats of top coat. Application, despite the graininess was beautiful and I've had this on my nails ever since the weekend. I only have a bit of tip wear, but acrylics don't tend to chip or wear anyway, so I can't say much for the wear time.

You can find St. Val's Heart HERE
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