Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bunday Reminder!

Hello everybun once again!

Here is a friendly reminder that my nail art competition ends tomorrow, July 1st at Midnight central time!

Thank you everybun who has sent in your entries so far!

Also since it's sunday bunday, here is the lovely paprika to model for you all!

I have discovered that Paprika absolutely LOVES nose rubs, being picked up and pretty much everything that Harvey does not.
She has gotten soooo much bigger!

Happy Sunday Bunday everybun!


  1. So cute!! Really exited to see all the entries too :)

  2. Aww, she reminds me a bit of my first rabbit, Hailie (she passed away in 2011). I have a new bunny named Holly now, I should post pics of her someday!


    1. I've got 2 lovely buns. Harvey, who is a harlequin lop and paprika who is a netherland dwarf. I want to bond them but not until paprika is fixed(Harvey already is). I love bunnies so much!! They're my first. I bet Hailie is having a bunderful time at the bridge though! May I ask what breed she was? I'm always curious as to the many different breeds of Buns there are!

    2. Hailie was just a little mixed breed (definitely part dwarf) with agouti coloring. I've also had 2 Flemish Giants who have both passed away (Dinah got sick, and Butters died of old age....the big buns don't live as long as the others). My current bun, Holly, is likely some sort of mix, but she's definitely mostly Netherland dwarf. :-)

  3. Aww Flemish are lovely, although I've never seen one in person. Agouti coloring is GORGEOUS and I haven't really seen that coloring on bunnies to often. You've had bunnies for a long time huh? They're starting to overrun my life and I love it! I'm on Bunspace all of the time chatting with other bunnies! Bunny Bunny Bunny's!

  4. Flemish are like great, big, puppy-bunnies lol. Yeah, I loved the agouti coloring, especially the little cottony tail and the white "eyeliner." My current bunny is white with taupe ears, "eyeliner" and a stripe down her back ( ). I got my first rabbit, Hailie, 11 years ago, so yup, I've had them for a long time now :-). I've been through a lot with them!