Sunday, June 9, 2013

Nail Art Competition!

Hello lovely readers,


A competition! A Nail Art Competition!

And the theme for this competition is...

Something that you are inspired by. Whether it is your mother or your father or the most BEAUTIFUL pattern that you've ever seen. It could be a movie or a book or your favorite place to think. 

Da Rules
* The nail art HAS to be your own. Blog watermarks are definitely allowed and encouraged. I really like what Sophie did over at MyAwesomeBeauty So I will do the same. Take a picture of yourself with my name Alicia  on a piece of paper with your nail art that you've created in the picture (don't worry, these pictures are FMEO! No one else will see them). This is to insure that the nail art that you've done is in fact your own.
Take Exhibit A (haha, A for ALICIA) In the Sample image below
Exhibit A
* You need to show what you were inspired by. If it was a dress, show the dress! If it was a person, Show the person! If its a family member and they don't want to be shown, a description will do too. Just show me the thing that inspired your beautiful, beautiful nail art!

*Please, Please PLEASE! Take a nice picture! Clean up around your cuticles and be sure to not have your toilet or your dirty clothes in the background. Maybe take your picture outside with the pretty grass in the background or against a pretty fabric that you like, maybe even the thing that you were inspired by! The image has to be at least 700px wide. I don't want your images to be all weird and distorted if they are too small! If they are bigger that is fine as well.

*This competition is open internationally and for everyone of every age!

*One entry per person
*The competition ends July 1st at midnight. You have all of July 1st to finish your beautiful manis! (Central Time)

And the judges for your lovely entries will be
and Tiana, who is my cousin 

There is a wide variety of judges, myself and Lisa who are from the polish community and Tiana who is not so I believe the panel is fair.

Da Prizes

There will be one winner. The prizes include 1 full sized polish from my Native American Collection and 1 mini.

Speaking of the collection, TADA!

Leesha's Lacquer Polishes will be coming soon to an etsy shop near you! The polishes will be on sale for $8.00 (but remember to watch for the grand opening sale!). There are 5 of each polishes in the collection (5 mille lacs lake, 5 four directions, etc) so they ARE a bit of a limited edition.

and last but not least....



  1. Woohoo!!! How exciting! :) Thanks for having me as a judge for this competition. Its going to be so much fun and the prizes up for grabs are nice too!

  2. Awww, that is so awesome! Congrats on starting your Etsy shop :) Can't wait to try them out!

  3. Hope you got my entry ,so far I did not receive a confirmation I sent June 11