Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Leesha's Lacquer presents : Edible Nail Polish!

Hey everybun! I have to interrupt my regular posting schedule to prepare you for this super awesome announcement!
Leesha's Lacquer now presents, Edible Nail Polish!

A new formula of polish has been made and has been proven to be safe and edible! Leesha's Lacquer will have the following flavors, Pizza, Volcanic Ash (A spicy cinnamon), Sediment (a earthy flavor), Apple, Blueberry and Blood (Tangy).

I've already announced the exciting news on Facebook, so check there for updates on flavors to come!

Have a GREAT day ;)


  1. Hahaaa totally fell for it!!! Good one :) xo

  2. LOL I almost fell for this. But then I was like wait, you can't ever eat nail polish!

  3. Haha! Wouldn't blood be the worst?!