Wednesday, March 13, 2013

St. Paddy's Day Mani

Sooo, I heard a certain Holiday is happening this Sunday!
I may not be a lick of Irish, but I do enjoy a nice green Holiday. It gives me an excuse to do a green Mani!

For some reason this just SCREAMED St. Paddy's Day to me. 
This green is 2 coats of Elf  from the Beautifully Bright 3 piece set. with a coat of Seche on top. It doesn't have a name on it unfortunately. Since I'm such a master namer I think I'll name it Green.. OOO! No! St. Paddy's Green! Yeah, that's better!

In the bottle it looks like such a bright green, but on the nails and in the pictures it looks more of a turquoise/forest green. Hmph, it's still bright green to me!

The silver is Wet n Wild - Silvivor .

This is the first time I saw the name Silvivor which means I probably haven't swatched it yet but it's such a cute name!

And here is St. Paddy's Green on its own :

I held my hand at a really awkward angle but thank goodness for cropping!

This is with a basecoat and without Seche Vite.

So whoever celebrates St. Paddy's, have fun this Sunday! Meanwhile I'll probably be curled up with my bunny, Harvey, and i'll be reading a book (or a nice gossip magazine!)

Love from Leesha's Lacquer

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