Friday, March 29, 2013

Extra Relaxed 31 Day Challenge - Day 5

The first thing I thought to myself when I blindly grabbed for 3 random yet closely related blues was, Oh no, This is going to be a DISASTER!

Yet as I finished my last nail, I'm proud to say my crazy willy nilly attitude produced some quality nail art!

The orange/coral is the same I used Wednesday. I know it's odd to pair orange with blue  I think its odd to pair orange with blue and I sort of just grabbed at blues that looked pretty in my drawer! From lightest to darkest they are :

China Glaze - Turned up Turquoise
Spoiled - Distant Memory
Wet n Wild -Bijou Blue

I'm really happy with my blues! 

In unrelated blue news I decided I'd like to try my hand at making my own indie polish (not to be confused with frankening, which is taking already made polish and mixing them together,  for those who don't know ((I'm talking to you mom!)) I'm talking about the whole 9 yards.. hell.. I'm talking the whole 10 yards! I bought a starter kit on etsy and a few micas and glitters I saw on my search for supplies and for now I'm going to see if I'm actually good at it. I don't want to go all out on something I'm not even sure that I'm good at.

I'll give you all more details in the future when I actually get to the mix'n!

Check out the rest of the girls Blue nails down below and have a happy Friday!

Love from Leesha's Lacquer


  1. blue and orange are actually complimentary colors and are meant to be paired together haha. and I love the orange and blue looks together:)

    These are really cute too, by the way!

  2. I have a huge color wheel that I may have, ahem, borrowed from the art room when my teacher was throwing out things in highschool last year and i always look it it for complimenting my nail polish, but For me it's always been an odd pair that i tend to never use because I honestly think it looks so weird together in most situations! Unless its the Miami dolphins, orange and blue will ALWAYS be a weird combo for me!

    1. Fixed it! Crossed out the I know it's odd, added I think it's odd and completely eliminated (even though its probably just me). Yay for editing!