Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter and Happy Sunday Bunday!

Happy Easter! Also Happy Sunday Bunday! 
What a wonderful coincidence that Sunday Bunday coincides with Easter!

And here is my lovely easter nail art!

The colors I used for the base were from the March Julep Box, Simone and Shenae. 
I used like three different greens and a lot more colors that I forgot! I'm sad that my little bunny smeared! I put on my top coat to fast! 

Then I felt like something else was missing so I added..GLITTER!

I'm not sure if it looks better or worse, but I absolutely love the way my bunny turned out! I guess with the glitter the bunny looks less smeary..

Speaking of Bunnies..

Here's a certain bunny who will be getting lots of treats for Easter!

His nails are sooo long because he will NOT let us pick him up! We made a vet appt. for him so they can do it for us, but I love this picture of him.

So have a happy Easter if you celebrate it and have a happy sunday bunday because everyone should celebrate it!

Love from Leesha's Lacquer

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