Friday, March 1, 2013

My Nail Polish Set Up

So today is going to be a bit of a photo bomb. There's so many elements to my nail art that as I was taking the pictures I kept remembering other things I use and do to prepare. That's why I think this needs to be done in two parts, Part One will be my storage and general nail art stuff and Part Two will be my acrylic stuff.


Here we go!

These are where I currently store my nail polish, in my Helmer that I got from IKEA. The two top drawers are used for Polish and the bottom is for my socks! I had them all organized at one point but somehow they magically reordered themselves.

This is the top of my Helmer where amongst my Hello Kitty things (I promise you, I have way to much Hello Kitty Stuff, but a little Hello Kitty's never hurt any one!), I keep nail polish I haven't yet swatched and my I<3NP Polish because the boxes are so pretty. Of course I keep my Seche here as well for easy access.

This is my swatching process, I usually let nail polish stack up until I have at least 30 to do because I'm lazy. I use these sticks that I found on Ebay. The little dots toward the top of the nail that you see in the picture is the number of coats that I used and then I write the brand and name of the polish on the stick.

And this is My Man! He holds all my swatch sticks that I order by color because I think it just looks prettier that way. (He's completely fabulous.)

This is the Nail Polish rack that I made using foam board and this tutorial that I found on Youtube.
I've yet to hang it up yet (which is why my nail polish drawers are so chaotic) because my dad's the one that's good at leveling things and drilling holes in the wall. DO NOT trust me with a drill (or any tool that could possibly cause destruction for that matter.)

This is a little plastic storage unit that I've had since I was at least 7 (I used to store my hotwheels and my Barbies in here) and now it's used for electronic/junk/book/nail art storage. This is where I keep everything from my files, my acrylic supplies, my stamper (that has yet to be used) and my sharpies. I have a few electric nail  drills but I prefer to do it by hand.

This is my manicure desk that I found at Ulta. It came with a hand drill, accessories and a nail drier that I never use due to my love for Seche Vite. I thought it was so cute and it really minimizes the need to vacuum wherever I am because of my nail filing. I file all of my acrylic and in turn have lots of surgical masks so I don't breathe the filings in.

I hate that every single room in my little apartment/house (it's an apartment/house, I have no idea how to explain it other than each floor holds a seperate family but everyone is related) anywho, every single room in this place is GREEN! Green EVERYWHERE! The kitchen, the bathroom (sink, bathtub,walls), bedroom, ALL OF IT IS GREEN! So I use this Canvas in the Bathroom, where the light is the best, for my picture set up. Which is why sometimes in pictures you can see the 4 lightbulb reflection. I hope to get my desk and a nice desk lamp so pictures will be easier in the future!

That is it! Everything I use to give you all my nail art each week. 

Next week I have some much needed nail art planned!

Love from Leesha's Lacquer

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