Sunday, March 24, 2013

Happy Sunday Bunday

Happy Sunday Bunday everyone! 
What is Sunday Bunday you ask? Well, thanks to the wonderful Katherine at Rambles of a Polish Addict, the idea of Sunday Bunday was born. You can check her Sunday Bunday posts here .

I have a Harlequin Lop Rabbit that I adopted from the Animal Humane Society in August of 2012. He is currently 1 year and 9 months old. Sunday Bunday is a day to enjoy the cuteness that is Harvey. Me and Katherine are cooking something up with this Sunday Bunday so expect a little more organization of it in weeks to come.

For now, here's a few pictures of my bunny.

This was the image we saw on the humane society page when we first wanted to adopt him

And here are a few more to emphasize his cuteness!

Happy Sunday Bunday!


  1. I love him!! We've always had bunnies and they are such a bucket of love!

  2. Thank you, he really is lovable. My parents don't understand how you could love a bunny (they say they're not the same as cats and dogs) but how COULDN'T you?! He's my first bunny and I did sooo much research to make sure I'm taking care of him right! I think I've officially converted into a bunny person rather than a cat or dog person!