Friday, July 12, 2013

Guest Post #1 - ColorMeSoCrazy

So, I have recently met Leesha through a great opportunity to review some of her new polishes. Many of you may have seen my review here. If not, be sure to check it out as they are some really cool looking polishes.  I think the whole concept behind her shop and nail polish line is so creative and meaningful. Anyway, some of you may also know that she is a lucky duck this week and is in Mexico!!! I wish I was in Mexico! To pretend that I am in Mexico, I decided to do some Mexican nail art in celebration of her trip.I tried to attempt to recreate the seal in the middle of the flag about 5 bazillion times, but I couldn't get it. So, I know there should be symbol there, but I decided to just go for the color theme and not so much a real life mural.

Hope you enjoy and I am wishing Leesha an awesome time away!!

KOH- Cloudy
Art Deco- Red
NYC-High Line


  1. Cute manicure inspired by Mexico! :)

  2. hi! i'm mexican and i love that you got inspired by our flag :D i really like the red white and green dots you did !