Friday, May 16, 2014

Look what the CAT dragged in!

I'm back!
Can you tell I'm excited? BECAUSE I AM! It sucked to look longingly at the blog, knowing that it was on hold but I was so super busy! Now that college is over for the semester and I don't have to worry about anything til next semester, which is fall, I have my shop and my blog to keep me company.
So on to the mani!
I have been LOVING my new nail shape and figured I'd incorporate it into my first design back and this is what I came up with.

I used Salon Perfect in Fired Up Fuchsia and Bermuda Baby which were my first experiences with Salon Perfect. I LOVED the formula. Can you believe this is only 2 coats and on some nails it was opaque in just one coat?! Not to mention dat satin finish, tho! I loved the finishes so much I didn't even add top coat. The black was done with an I heart nail art pen by Sally Hansen in Black.Which, by the way, almost caused me to flip a table and punch a large mammal, because halfway through the ol' nail art process it began to goop up like nobodies business. I gave it a little shake, cursed, and added some thinning drops. Whether it was the cursing or the thinning drops (the world may never know) I was able to persevere, and finish the design on my right hand, albeit a bit sloppier a la my middle finger.

Over all, everything turned out super fantastical and awesome and I wore this design for a week..Not because I really REALLY liked it but to be honest, I was just really, really lazy and the design turned out decent enough to show off to the world.

So ladies and the occasional fabulous male, how have your nail art adventures been? Anything cool or different happen lately?
See you all Monday, loves!


  1. Welcome back! Its great to see you blogging again :) Love the new nail shape too, its so edgy looking. I wish I could sport something like that :) This manicure looks nice too. Very bright and fun for the season.

  2. Yayy! Thank you Lisa!
    It's nice to see you again! I'm loving my little claws lol, It was a huge decision to make, but my sides don't chip anymore and its easier to take care of I think.
    I'm glad to be back in the game!