Monday, January 6, 2014

KKCenterhk Review - Nail Foil

*This product was sent to me to review in exchange for my honest opinion
I have a few days that Bloggers weren't able to guest post for me, due to the fast pace of the seasons, so it looks like you're stuck with me for a few more scheduled posts until I'll be back for real real and not for play play! Enjoy!

Today I have some awesome nail foils that I've grown to love from KKCenterhk. You can find these foils here
I decided to take a different approach with the nail foils this time and paint on a random pattern with the tacky glue that they sent me. If you're curious on how to apply these, check my other post here.

Gold foil over a Black Base color

I added a coat of Seche Vite onto these and noticed that the star pattern that you see in the bottle sort of shrivels up to give a cool rustic look to the gold pattern. Remember to always use top coat with nail foil, otherwise it starts to peel off and that's never fun!
I'm so happy with the gorgeous gold painted look that these foils achieved and they literally took less than 10 minutes (most of the time was spent waiting for the glue to dry!)
You can get The Foil for $6.92
The Foil + A Smaller Glue for $8.86
The Foil + Glue for $10.80

Click the banner to be taken to their site!

Use code : LeeshasLacquer
for 10% off your total purchase!


  1. Great review! These nail foils look like they give a great effect on the nails ;)

  2. these look great! i just reviewed these same foils, arent they a cool design?!

  3. OOO I like the way you did yours much better than mine! That's funny that we both did our reviews around the same time :D

  4. Thank you Lisa! And thank you for all of your comments while I was away on vacation! I always know when I get an email that I had a comment it was you!