Monday, August 19, 2013

KKCenterhk N.NAIL Fantasy Rainbow Color Circle Pattern Nail Foil Transfer Review

Hey All.

Remember the Review I did awhile back of the bowties from KKCenterhk?
Well I have another review here and this time it's nail foils!
I've never done nail foils before so this was my first time.

 *These Nail Foils, which you can find here, were sent to me with glue, which you can see below.

The First thing I did was paint my nails black as a base color and waited for them to completely dry.

Next I applied the glue which is in a handy little nail polish bottle.

Then I took the nail foil, pattern side up, and pressed them to my dry nails. You'll know when you're nails are dry when the glue turns from white to transparent. IT IS CRUCIAL to remember to apply the foil with the pattern side up. I applied them pattern side down at least 3 times before I figured out to turn the around and bam!

You have pretty foil-y nails! 

Besides the obvious failure on my part the nail foils applied gorgeously! Of course I had just a few patchy spots but after an hour attempting these the wrong way, when I finally got them to go one I cbf to touch up the little areas. (not to mention my camera died halfway through photos.)

These Nail Foils retail for $7.69 for a container or $12.00 for a container with glue.

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* This product was sent to me for review 

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