Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Blue Bissu Swatch

Hi Lovelies!

I was looking through my unposted file the other day and realized that I had a mani from Mexico!

I discovered a new to me brand called Bissu, which seemed to be a big brand in Mexico because it was everywhere in Al Centro (downtown). Of course I scooped up as many as I could take. In fact I should probably do a haul post because I got tons of nail things in Mexico!

Natural lighting = the BEST!

This is two coats over purple. Why over purple? Because I wanted to paint my nails purple but then I remembered that my nails were JUST purple so I decided to put on this pretty little blue.
It almost looks holographic in the sunlight, but as far as I remember the only time it did that was in direct sun, otherwise it was just a shimmery blue.
It also has no name. Boo :(
Some of them do though, its fun because the names are in spanish!

In other news I'll be away this weekend. I posted this today because I will be gone this weekend to a Pow Wow and my nails are naked because I want my pow wow nails to last (Hello last minute mani!). I'll schedule a  post for my pow wow nails on Friday and then I'll see you all again Monday!


  1. What a great color! :) Its pretty.

  2. Very pretty color -- looks great under the natural lighting!