Monday, August 12, 2013

Pure Ice - Irreplaceable

Hello Everybun!

There's Good news and Bad news. The Bad news is that I was unable to post Friday and Sunday. The good news is that I made $111 from the garage sale that I had Friday thru Sunday! I'm sure those of you that have held garage sales know that it's absolutely EXHAUSTING to have to pull everything out, set it up, sit all day and then put it away and start back all over again the next day.
I was able to sneak in a quick mani, thankfully, with an untried polish that I got from a recent haul.

Can you tell that she was hard to capture?!

Irreplaceable is a black jelly with bits of black glitter, silver glitter and large silver hexes. This is 3 coats on its own. Over black I'm certain only one coat will do but for the sake of experimentation I was curious to see how many coats it would actually take! Of course I added a nice coat of Seche Vite to top it off.

The formula was good, On the first coat it looked a little odd because of how little the opacity was. It looked almost gray and the small black glitter, which you can't see very much in this picture, stand out a lot. After a thick second coat and a third for certainty, there were still patchy spots which is why experimenting with base colors with this would be awesome!

So now I'm off to play animal crossing on my 3DS because I'm sure my town is now overgrown with weeds! See you all Wednesday!

p.s My dommie hand's ready for her close up so no more leftie after today! YAY QUALITY PICTURES! YAY FOR NO MORE AWKWARD POSING!


  1. Never tried any Pure Ice colors before but this one is nice! :)

  2. Loved the swatch! this polish looks really pretty!

  3. Thank you! I wish it was sparklier in person but even with top coat it doesn't sparkle as much as i'd hope :(
    Its still a pretty polish though! I just love me some glitter!

  4. Pure Ice tends to have wonderful formula. I had a pretty lime green (RIP) that was amazing until my cousin dropped it.
    I love the square bottles too, they feel nice in your hands!