Tuesday, September 23, 2014

KKCenterHK - Leopard Water Decal Review

Hey everybun
Happy, Tuesday!
You must excuse my late post, because hot damn is this semester hard. The tests! The quizzes! O' Athena, spare me some smarts!
Anyways, enough with the dramatics, let's get it on...To the review..

These darn water decals have been sitting, taunting me for months. Why? You ask? Well ,the first time I attempted to put them on, I managed to get them off the white backing, but for some reason there was an added plastic backing between the decal and the white backing. 
I hadn't figured this out until recently, and every time I'd attempt to use these, they just wouldn't work.
Finally, I FORCED two of them off, after ruining 4, I decided to just stick to a simple mani.

Taken with Flash

Another F$%^ Up on my end was a while ago, when I painted my nails all black, only to find out that these are so transparent, that the design didn't even show up. So WARNING either use a really light base color, or go nude like me (hehe!).

Despite my many shortcomings, this is how they turned out. Notice that the design is a little cracked? That's because I literally had to rip this off of the clear film that it was on. NO amount of soaking these in water could get them off.

From far away, you definitely can't tell I have a couple of minor boo boo's, and the ring finger looks GAW-JUSS!

The sheet is just $2.00, which is very affordable for such a unique design. You can find this design and many more HERE

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  1. I do like how it turned out! Too bad they are so horrible to work with :(

  2. I know! They'd be perfect if they weren't such a hassle!

  3. Those decals look fun! Bummer that they were hard to work with. I've only tried smaller decals not the ones that cover the entire nails.