Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Rainbow Skye Lacquer - Swatch and Review

Hey everybun!
I debated hard, whether or not to post these swatches today, because I'm sure none of you have ever heard of Rainbow Skye Lacquer and there's a very good reason for that!
Let me explain..
I'm a part of an awesome Indie Nail Polish making group on Facebook and with that, I'm also a part of their Indie polish exchange. Well, the group isn't JUST for indie polish makers, it's also for indie hobby makers who either only make polishes for themselves or for their family and friends. 
I received 4 polishes from one of these types of makers, therefore NONE of these polishes are on the market and NONE have been released to the public.
Well then why post this polish you ask? BECAUSE THEY'RE AMAZING!
The owner of Rainbow Skye has said that she's been thinking of starting to offer her polishes to the public and hopefully this blog post will push her to do so!
So, let's begin with one of the polishes I received, which is very halloween-y!

This is a purple jelly with black, irridescent, purple and green glitter all of various sizes.
I used two coats of white as a base, then two goats of this polish and topped it off with a coat of seche. This polish currently has no name.
The formula was super smooth and at a perfect consistency. It was jam packed with glitters so I absolutely did not have to fish, which is a huuuuge plus, because if there's one thing I hate, it's fishing for glitter!

I'm so very much impressed with this brand and really hope that they start offering their polishes to the public, because you all seriously need some of these pretties in your lives! She's got the pretty, quality polish and the brand name, so what in the heck is she waiting for?!

Thanks for reading, dear readers!