Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Finds - Week of 9/26

Hey everybunny!
Can you believe it's already been a week? I can't! I've been prepping a new display for this craft show on Saturday, so everything this week has gone by in a whoosh!
Since I haven't had much leisure time, this week is a little short, but none the less, I've got some awesome finds so let's get right into it!

All image credit to Creations by Lynda

These soaps , oh my goodness! According to her update they *should* be available today, and you can find them in her shop HERE. I especially love the pumpkin for fall, but the other designs are so cute for any time of the year! You won't believe her vast array of SCENTS either!

Autumn Leaves nail art by Becca B
All image credit to Becca B. 

I was JUST browsing Nailpolis and these nails caught my eye. You can read her blog post HERE
I've definitely found myself a new blog to follow! Can you believe those are free handed?! All of her designs are! Yaaas!

Image credit to JKISSA,

I've been super into fall make up lately and when I stumbled across this post on bloglovin, I couldn't NOT click on the link. I usually don't do make up, but lately I've been super into the Shiro samples I got a while ago. Click the link above to be taken to the tutorial!

Orly Blush nail polish collection for Fall 2014
Image credit: Found on Makeup4all

The PolishAholic did a wondeful swatch and review on the entire collection above and after seeing her swatches, MY NO BUY MIGHT JUST BREAK!
Click the link above to be taken to her swatch and review.
I seriously love all of these fall shades coming out!

So that's my Friday Finds for the week! I'll be posting pictures on my Instagram from the Craft Show!
See everybun, soon!

*Note: I give image credit and always link to all blog authors and/or persons whom the photo's above belong to. I by no means wish to steal your image or pass it off as my own! If you wish for me to remove your image, feel free to shoot me an email which can be found in my contact info above. 

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  1. Awesome finds for Friday! That leaf manicure is gorgeous.