Wednesday, October 2, 2013

KKCenterHk Nail Polish and Star Stud Review!

*These products were sent to me for review

Hey everyone!
Remember KKCenterHk? I've done a couple reviews before (you can find them here)

 I have some adorable little neon green star studs and a glitter polish for you to feast your eyes on..

These Pretty little neon green star studs, which you can find HERE are 2mm and are PERFECT for nail art. They're a little bit curved so they lie perfectly on the nail. Just remember to add a nice top coat or else the paint will chip (I wore these for 5 days because I loved them so much. On the third day, I noticed the paint was starting to rub off on the tops. On the pinky I put a ton of top coat and those stars didn't rub off until day 5! So use top coat!)
These are $5.00 plus shipping (which is calculated depending on what you buy)

The Polish on my ring finger is Ebalay Warm Orange Shiny Glitter Nail Polish, in 15mL. In the picture below you can see I had a little issue..

I heard a really weird glass on glass sound as I was opening the bottle and it turns out the bottle was chipped! This in no way reflects the quality of this polish (which is excellent!) and I know how it is to have a defective bottle ( Long story short I was mixing my polish by the neck and the whole top came off and the polish flew across the room, sending a spray of polish along its way..)

Despite this, the formula was AWESOME and I loved the little irridecent pink/blue shift glitters that were hidden in there, there's also orange and white hexes and white bar glitters. This polish is $7.82 plus shipping.

I Loved the polish, and will definitely use it again and of course I love the stars, which come in a jar of 100 (so many nail art projects you can do with that!)!
Thank you KKCenterHk!

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