Monday, December 23, 2013

Creations By Lynda - Black Friday Haul

Now I know Black Friday was a while ago. But I felt that in order to give my honest opinion on these lovelies I got from Lynda over at Creations by Lynda I had to thoroughly test them out. I bought all of these beauties with my own money and of course the following opinion is my own.
Here are the beauties that I got :

I've been needing a good cuticle oil with this harsh winter weather and all I had was some Sally's stuff that I bought a long time ago so I felt that I had to properly treat myself with some nice cuticle oil! 
Now, I've heard many lovely things about Lynda's cuticle oil and had to try some when she had a deal going on for Black Friday. One of the deals included the lovely polish above.

First, let's start with the cuticle oil. I LOVE cucumber so Cucumber Melon was the first one I tried. The scent is absolutely delightful, not to overpowering but still leaves a cucumber-melon-y smell for a bit after you put it on. Compared to my Sally's stuff, this soaked in very fast and made my cuticles go from YUCK to PICTURE PERFECT in only one use! This is obviously my first indie cuticle oil but I will absolutely be going back when I run out of these two. I smelled the Green Tea and Lemongrass cuticle oil, but have yet to use it as I'm saving it as my back up. 
Over all, the cuticle oil was an A+ in my book!

Now for the Polish!

2 Coats of Winter has Come over 2 Coats of Revlon-Charming

This glitter topper was absolutely gorgeous (p.s, my cuticles look lovely in this pictures thanks to only 2 days of cuticle oil use!)
My only complaint that I had was when I first opened the bottle, is that there was a bunch of glitter that was gooped up toward the opening of the bottle. I just took a napkin and tried my best to swipe up as much goopy glitter as I could and all was well again. The polish formula itself was easy to work with and reached this opacity in 2 coats. The white glitter mixed with the irredescent glitter make this look like a winter wonder land and despite the goopy top problem, this polish was gorgeous!

I'm so happy I purchased this and would definitely recommend Lynda for her cuticle oil and unique blend of polishes!


  1. Hmm that's strange. I'm so sorry about that. Maybe it got thicker in shipping due to the cold. I've heard of that happening to a few people. I'm happy you were able to get it fixed though. I'm glad you like the oil also.Thank you for your business and for the review. <3