Friday, July 18, 2014

Born Pretty Store Review - Holo Rainbow Glitter!

*product sent to me to review in exchange for my honest opinion

Hey everybun!
Happy Friday!
I have the promised Born Pretty review and oh lawdy, is it a girl's glittery dream! It's holo heaven, in fact.
Ready to see eyeball popping glitter? Prepare yourself!

Click below to read on for more pictures and my review!

Above is the jar of glitter that you will receive. This is Glitter #7 out of 8 colors that you can choose from. You can find this glitter and the others here at the price of $4.55.

FAIR WARNING! Since this is loose glitter, please PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL NAIL POLISH DO NOT FORGET TO TOP COAT THIS! For some reason I derped and forgot to put top coat on when I began taking pictures. GLITTER. EVERYWHERE. It sucked. 

Another thing that I will warn is that no matter how much top coat you add, these suckers just eat it right up. It was still gritty, albeit not unbearably at 3 coats. 

To apply, I had my base coat, which was the Bissu that I swatched on Wednesday. With that wet, I patted the glitter by sticking my finger in the pot and patting it down on the nail. I would advise against just sticking your whole finger in the jar, as that's what I did with my ring and pinky finger and it's super gritty. Whereas on my pointer and middle finger, where I used the patting method, it's bearably gritty and has less glitters that are sticking up. You can actually see the difference really well in the photo below.
I then sealed in all of the glitter with 3 coats of top coat. 

If you're not into the grittiness but love the glitters, I would say this is a wonderful night out or special occasion type of deal. This is for sure one of my most sparkly and favorite ways to glam up my nails, and it's super easy to do!

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  1. Its gorgeous! I love anything with glitter so these are fun on the nails.